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a little touch of heavenly light

a little touch of heavenly light

"How is it already 4am again?" - the story of my life


if i run to you (would you stay)
Isaac Lahey/Lydia Martin

summary: In a small town like Beacon Hills, news travels fast, and the biggest news around is this: Derek and Laura Hale are back in Beacon Hills. While their sister, Cora, is starting college back east, they’ve brought a foster brother with them instead, and he’s finishing out the school year at their very own high school. Lydia doesn’t know what to think of him, at first, but when he walks in with a dangerous smile and a leather jacket, there’s something about him that makes her feel like a live-wire. Isaac notices her too, despite all the promises he made not to put down too many roots here, and when Scott and Stiles — his new friend and nemesis, respectively — invite him to a party, their friendship begins. It should be just that; friends. They’re good at it, snarking easily at each other over piles of homework and food Lydia forces him to try. 

Then the murders start. Wild and ritualistic, the killer quickly becomes serial, and the murders seem… sacrificial, even though no one wants to believe it. Lydia’s the one to find the first body. And the next one. As the town turns its suspicion to her, her friends worry too, and only one seems to know what it’s like to be unable to answer their questions; Isaac Lahey. The third body turns up shortly after the second, and Lydia wakes up with blood on her hands, and — well, even she thinks she might’ve done it, during that time she can’t remember anything at all. Her friends grow more and more concerned, but Isaac doesn’t seem suspicious of her at all.

Days get darker and darker, and there’s a feeling growing inside her body that she won’t be able to contain; like she’s choking on a scream but it isn’t ready to let itself out yet. She starts taking long walks in the forest, distancing from her friends, afraid for them… and of herself. But when Isaac comes upon her in the woods just in time to save her life, reflexes far too fast to be human, everything changes. He’s forced to reveal himself to her as they run from the hunters, and she learns the truth: Laura, Derek, and Isaac are pack, along with the others they left back at school in New York. Isaac takes her back to the loft, and together, the four of them try to figure out who’s hunting her, because whoever it is may come after them next. 

Despite everything she’s been led to believe… Lydia discovers she might just be a banshee, a harbinger of death; a wailing woman. The scream in her throat, caught up between her ribs, releases, and she feels like she can breathe again — until the fourth body shows up the next morning. Knowing the deaths must’ve caused her powers to manifest for a reason, Lydia grows determined to find the killer and prove her own innocence — and the only person she trusts not to get hurt at her side is Isaac. Together, they work to track down the real killer, and stop their sacrifices — before it’s too late.

For allhalequeenmary / from thenemeton.

Made for round two of the twrarepairexchange.


Sterek AU: Stiles was so used to being tangled in Derek; it’s the only way he can sleep. But the more human Derek became, the more distant he was. And he gets it. Derek doesn’t trust anyone really, especially if he’s wolfless, but come on. Stiles knows. He’s human. When they find themselves alone, it’s as fervid and passionate as the first time. Derek just thinks that maybe he should’ve asked Stiles to stay.

Sterek Week: Day 5 - Based on a song. "You don’t trust me, I don’t trust you. But you need me to survive, which is why you’re not letting me go."

But if you close your eyes,

Does it almost feel like

Nothing changed at all?

rashaka replied to your post “i just really love serial killer AUs okay?”

When she heard the first voice at age 15, Lydia ignored it. When she heard a hundred voices at 17, she finally picked up the knife. “Give me a name,” she whispered to the walls. “And I’ll see that it’s done.” From the doorway, Scott nodded. “Me too.”

i just really love serial killer AUs okay?


allison died saving her friends

get to know me meme (teen wolf edition)
02\08 favorite characters: allison argent


allison died saving her friends

get to know me meme (teen wolf edition)

02\08 favorite characters: allison argent

BSOD on the streaming laptop + asthma attack
Tristan: I don't understand why this keeps happening.
Chiomi: the laptop fail or your breathing fail?
Tristan: *gestures vaguely at her inability to form words*
Chiomi: Have you tried uninstalling Windows?
Tristan: *wheezes*

did i really just lose a follower because of two posts about my breathing issues? because wut?


get to know me: teen wolf edition02/08 favourite characters | cora hale

get to know me: teen wolf edition
02/08 favourite characters | cora hale

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I’m looking for reference pics of nogistiles, so i was flipping through screencaps from the divine move. And there’s this one shot, right after scott bites him that just…



Teen Wolf AU - Sterek AU

Where deputy Derek Hale finds Stiles handcuffed to the sheriff’s desk.