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Scars From Tomorrow XI

Chapter 11 of Scars From Tomorrow

M, Stanny, Sterek beginnings
decent amount of violence in this chapter, but i don’t think it’s any worse than previous chapters. Only one or two chapters left, we’re getting close.


"Your first day back. How are you holding up?" The tone of her voice might be concern, but Stiles really can’t tell. It sounds just like everything else Morrell says: soft and forceful.

“I’m fine.”

“Except?” she prompts, because it’s literally her job not to take “I’m fine” as an answer or something. Stiles shrugs.

“Except I’m not. I’m always terrified. I can hardly stand to go anywhere alone. When I can sleep, I get nightmares, and I wake up to panic attacks. I’m jumpy and I can’t focus, even more than usual, and I feel completely helpless with my arm in this thing.” He shakes the arm cradled in a sling and winces, though honestly he doesn’t need the sling anymore. It was really just a reminder to begin with. “Like a sitting duck. Oh, and my boyfriend’s parents hate me. But hey, at least my dad and I are talking now.”

“It’s not surprising you have some post traumatic stress. You’ve been through quite an ordeal.”

“Yeah,” Stiles scoffs, “I guess that’s one way to put it.”

“How would you put it?”

“I was kidnapped and tortured and stabbed, and the man who did it was killed and left on my friend’s lawn, literally wrapped in a bow, as incentive for me to join the gang of nutcases who not only abducted me but also have been killing people for the last couple months. Who’s to say the next body won’t be punishment for resisting?” His hands are shaking and he can’t get them to stop. “I’m in hell, and I don’t know how much longer I can hold my breath.”

“You think you’re going to try to come after you again?” Yes. Absolutely.

“I don’t know.”

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I'd lay money it's as a person who likes awful things and heartbreak.

While you are probably right, you’re also the first and occasionally the only person to hear all my horrible headcanons and complaints about lack of horrible things, so i don’t think you’re allowed to weigh in here.

So, how about from someone who doesn’t live with me:

what’s my reputation?

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finally done formatting. so here’s the real question: do i post the next chapter of scars tonight? or do i wait for tomorrow?

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ferafish replied to your post “ferafish answered to your post “Working on getting the rest of the…”

The thunder and lightning tends to be off putting.

Back when I was living with my mom, there was this huge lightning storm. I mean, not much more than a light rain, but lightning constantly, everywhere. And my mom came and knocked on my door and told me there was this storm, and my response was “soooo, are we going for a walk, or what?”

and we took a walk and then sat in the garage with the door open and watched after the rain started getting a little harder

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ferafish answered to your post “Working on getting the rest of the next chapter of Scars typed up, so…”

Meant to go for a run today. At least, I did until it started pouring rain.

While pouring rain is the time that I’m most likely to go out for a walk or whatever, I think most people consider that an acceptable excuse.

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Working on getting the rest of the next chapter of Scars typed up, so I will hopefully be posting that a little later tonight. Once that’s done… I’ll probably write some on that assassin!Derek thing, though I really should be working on my collab with chiomi. I’m like four weeks behind on my weekly quota of words.

Cat is… not good, but still here. I can only hope he makes it to tomorrow night.

It’s not over yet, but up til now the day hasn’t been half as horrible as I worried it would be. Always time for that to change, though.

How’re you?

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Little baby werewolves trying to take on Derek Hale.